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This deviation was deleted

Before I start, I would like to say that you shouldn't pay much attention to the star ratings; I dislike using them and I wish they were optional.

As for the image, this is a fine composition that is well-balanced. In terms of processing, the lower half of the scene looks great; there's a good range between light and shadow and the contrast between the red and the other tones really pops. I would use a layer in Photoshop to change the colour hur of the window frame in the shadow, however; one feels it should be more red and less blue.

With that in mind, I come to the upper half of the image. The red sky against the trees is a rather choppy transition, with pieces of blue all along the edges. While I don't know if this is intentional or not, it is jarring for me and detracts from the aesthetic of the piece. I would suggest trying some sort of colour balance shift on a new layer, or brushing a selective tone over the top; there are a few solutions.

However, if the blue border was your intention then ignore what I'm saying; I'm only suggesting what I would do to improve the piece in my eyes!

In conclusion, this is a fine concept that is well on the way to becoming an accomplished composition. You've got the vision and ideas, which is the important thing: technique is something you pick up as you go.
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